Link dev domain with a purchased domain

I have added a CNAME to my domain but it still don’t point to the domain (as per Use a custom domain · Fly Docs)
Probably the alias don’t work here because and my main domain are not the same
Any help?

The docs here refer to CNAME from your domain to $, not the apex domain.

On your side, you can use any domain/subdomain you like, but it has to be CNAME to a specific app, not the apex domain.

the CNAME is of course pointing to not alone

Are you able to show the DNS configuration on your provider?

If you don’t want to share your domain setup on the community forum you can contact support directly Support · Fly Docs.

I have managed to make it work but after changing the proxy settings in Cloudflare
Is there any security issue in doing so?

I’m glad you resolved your issue!

For future reference, the reason it wasn’t working when you had the CF proxy enabled is that fly-proxy expects to terminate TLS (i.e. serve an HTTPS site directly) while CF expects to find an HTTP site when you have proxy enabled so it can terminate TLS.

If you’re using with CF you need to either disable the proxy in CF or serve HTTP from your app.

There’s no security issue in using DNS only records in CF to point at your app, unless you’re relying on security features provided by CF’s proxy like Turnstile or etc. We have our own DDoS protection so if that’s your only worry you’re all covered.

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