How to set the CNAME


maybe i’m too much of a noob, but after setting up a remix application (it works!) I wanted to also use an existing domain for it.

On this page: Use a custom domain · Fly Docs

It’s won’t say what I should do before getting to


obviously there should be some other step before I’m able to type that command, but… what is it?


You should head to your DNS settings (regarding your domain).

Then add there new entry, type is CNAME, name is @ (root) and then data of that record is

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Ah so this is to be done on namecheap, the registrar of the domain? correct?

what tripped me is that on the instructions page, this looked like a terminal command

Many thanks

Yep, correct.

Also note that DNS settings take always some time. So do the change and then check after lets say half an hour.


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