Domain provider doesn't allow @ for CNAME record.

I have a Rails app deployed to that I want to use my domain name for. However, both domain providers that I have domains with: IONOS and Hover do not allow me to make CNAME records with @ as the hostname. Instead, they say I must use the redirect functionality. This makes it so the domain name redirects to the url however I want the url to always be the custom one.

For example: I want to be accessed using (the custom domain I already own).

I also tried to create an A record but the ip address of my application doesn’t seem to work.

I feel like I’m missing something in this whole process and don’t know what I’m doing.

Hi @blainefreestone! Have you created a certificate for your custom domain (fly certs add)?

If not, then this may be what’s missing. If you have, though, is there a specific error or behavior that you’re seeing trying to access the site?