DNS validation with custom domain


Thank you for this beautiful service.

I have a usecase where I want clients to be able to point their custom domains to my service domain. The problem is that in order generate SSL certificate for the automatically I need to give the my fly hostname, not my domain which has A record to point to server IP.

So this passes validation:
CNAME client.domain.commy.fly.dev

This doesn’t pass validation:
CNAME client.domain.commy.domain.com (which has A to point to server IP of fly app)

Do you have an idea of how to go about this? my.domain.com is hosted on cloudflare (not proxied). my.domain.com works correctly, it opens fly app, also if I do SSL validation with fly hostname client.domain.com works too, it’s just that my custom domain which also works with fly app doesn’t pass the validation.

Thank you so much!

I have a similar configuration and it works.

Run fly certs check client.domain.com it will show more detail if the configuration is incorrect.

Thank you for the reply! Checked with the command, it’s saying that I need to point CNAME subdomain to fly app hostname, but I don’t want to do that :confused: I have it pointed to my domain which has A record to the fly app, so that’s why it doesn’t validate for some reason :confused:

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