Issues in LHR region?


I just received an alert from my monitoring stack that my app is down in LHR region. There don’t appear to be any logs showing any sort of errors, the instance has just “gone”. Trying to restart the app or deploy a new version doesn’t seem to fix anything and the status of the deployment just remains in the “desired” state. Any help would be much appreciated!

  Name     = reddilert
  Owner    = personal
  Version  = 131
  Status   = pending
  Hostname =
  Platform = nomad

Deployment Status
  ID          = fbcb8922-34aa-e5e0-b62a-01f3929e3910
  Version     = v131
  Status      = running
  Description = Deployment is running
  Instances   = 1 desired, 0 placed, 0 healthy, 0 unhealthy



One of our servers in LHR had an issue that took a while to resolve. It was unfortunately the host where your app and volume reside. It’s back up and running again now and your app should be working again.

Sorry for the problems! If you can deploy your app in an HA manner with multiple instances they should all get placed on different hardware which would alleviate single host failures like this in the future (our servers don’t go down often, but it happens!)

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That’s great, thanks! I can confirm it’s back up and running.

This’ll definitely be the push I needed to take a look at configuring LiteFS so my app can run in HA. Thanks again.

This affected me too as my monitor shows that my site in LHR was down for about 20 mins. I’m not too bothered as my site isn’t live.

However, @steveberryman how come nothing shows on fly’s status page for this? Is there a threshold before it would be recorded as an “official” outage?

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Quick question, Steve…

If I keep a scale count of 1 for my application but added an extra region, would my app have restarted automatically on an instance in the other region during the issue that LHR was having?

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