lhr [info]Configuring firecracker Failing

I am unable to deploy to an existing app.
It seems to be failing on Configuring firecracker.

2022-06-07T12:08:52Z runner[1509ce7d] lhr [info]Unpacking image
2022-06-07T12:08:52Z runner[1509ce7d] lhr [info]Preparing kernel init
2022-06-07T12:08:53Z runner[1509ce7d] lhr [info]Setting up volume 'machine_data'
2022-06-07T12:08:53Z runner[1509ce7d] lhr [info]Configuring firecracker

Anyone know if there is an issue?

We’re investigating this, logged an incident here: Fly.io Status - Remote builders are not working properly in London

@jimfreeze Can tou try again? We’re monitoring the situation.

I’m having trouble with deploys to maa as well. Is that related?