is there a way to launch an application without use the cli?

for example, it is possible to authorize an app on github, point to a repo containing a node project and heroku, digital ocean app platform and google cloud run will be able to do some magic and update and deploy the app on every push. the sourcecode itself need zero changes, zero config files, just reasonable defaults (i.e. declare $PORT) in place.

is such thing possible with

thanks in advance.

This works for deploys: Continuous Deployment with and GitHub Actions · Fly Docs

You will need the FLY_API_TOKEN in your secrets though. There is some up-front work but then it’s fully automated.

The process you mention does not currently exist. I imagine you or someone could develop a GitHub app to do this, but I don’t believe this is something the Fly team has yet.

Hey, thanks for the answer!
The action looks promising, if i understood correctly i still need the fly command line tool for token creation. But it looks cool!

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Oh you can create that in the dashboard too!

Hey, thanks again!
That option does not appear in my dashboard, maybe it’s visible only when i create a token via cli

It’s in the project view. The tokens are per-project not per account

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Ahh got it!
Thanks again!
I guess it’s easier to just install the cli tool and then setup the action.

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