Automatic GitHub push to deploy

We already have a guide: Continuous Deployment with and GitHub Actions that you can read and follow. But we can make it simpler. And with flyctl version 0.2.80, we have done so.

The change we have made is that at fly launch time:

  • If your .git/config indicates that your project is hosted on GitHub or you have an existing .github/workflows directory, we will add a Fly Deploy action. All you need to do is add and push it to get your project to automatically deploy on every push
  • If your .git/config indicates that your project is hosted on GitHub and you have the github CLI installed, we will also add the necessary flyctl deploy token as a GitHub secret to make this work.

This is perhaps easiest to understand with an example.

Step 1: install gh command line

Skip this step if you already have the GitHub CLI installed and configured.

brew install gh
… or go to

And run:
gh auth login

Step 2: create an application, push to github, launch

This demo is Rails, but use whatever you are comfortable with:

rails new demo --css tailwind --main
cd demo
gh repo create --public --source=.
fly launch --no-deploy

Optional, but recommended; required if you are running Ruby 3.3.3:

bin/rails generate dockerfile --force

If you chose not to replace the Dockerfile, feel free to omit --no-deploy and skip the next step.

Step 3: push to deploy

git add .
git commit -m 'initial commit'
git push --set-upstream origin main

Step 4: make a change and push to deploy

echo 'Rails.application.routes.draw { root "rails/welcome#index" }' \
  >> config/routes.rb
git commit -a -m "add rails welcome"
git push

Example output