Help with continuous deployment through Github

Thanks to this community and others I was able to successfully get my app up and running from my local computer. Now, I want to migrate it to Github, and enable the function where every time I push a change, the app re-deploys to integrate the change. However, I’m running into an issue with the automatic deployment part.

Using this tutorial: Continuous Deployment with and GitHub Actions, I’m able to use fly launch successfully on the repo that’s cloned to my local computer, create the Fly API deploy token, and create a Github repository secret to put the token in. I also created a fly.yml file and copy-pasted code from the tutorial, changing two mentions of “master” to “main” as that is what my repo calls the default branch. However, when I push these changes, nothing happened!

  • My first thought is that I copy-pasted the deploy token wrong. It starts with FlyV1, a space, then the start of a long complicated chain. I tried saving the repo secret with and without this header of sorts, but no dice.

  • Second thought is that I shouldn’t have tried using fly launch while in the directory of my locally cloned files (aka they are in my Documents folder on my computer, but any changes I make to them I can commit and push using GitHub Desktop). I learned how to change working directories in terminal with my last question, but I’m not sure how I could set the directory to link to Github more directly?

Any other ideas for where I could have messed up? I don’t see any action logs or failure messages anywhere, because it never attempted deployment, but happy to relay whatever I can to troubleshoot! Thanks!

changing two mentions of “master” to “main” as that is what my repo calls the default branch.

This was my problem, I was only supposed to change the first instance of master to main, but not the second one. Good to know for the future! Solved!

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