Automatic deploys to GitHub

I’m having issues setting up automatic deploys when pushing to GitHub when following the documentation. I have my FLY_API_TOKEN env variable set up in GitHub but everytime I get the following error.
Screenshot 2022-09-10 174038
I am able to login in with flyctl auth login and get my token using flyctl auth token.

You followed this documentation and setup github-secret (this should be an “action-accesible secret”) + FLY_API_TOKEN env var within the github-action as specified therein (like in this repo, for example), and it still didn’t work?

If possible, can you share your github action? Or, better yet, if open source / source available, point us to the repo?

Btw, a couple questions:

  1. Are you able to deploy other apps via github-actions?
  2. Are you able to deploy this same app via your PC using flyctl?

Yes that’s the documentation I followed, you can see my repo here: tsoumagas-benjamin/NextcordBot ( I am migrating here from Heroku and the use of GitHub actions is new to me. I am unaware of how one would deploy using flyctl and my PC.

Okay so the trick was that I included the token as an actions secret on GitHub and not a repository secret. My bad and thank you to everyone who helped out!

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