I dont understand free-tier !??

Hello i’m new in fly.io, i deploy rails app for my personal project here but i don’t understand what’s is free-tier and the difference with heroku.
The documentation is not very clear …

  • When i create my postgresql database, what is free ? the 256mb ?

  • How many ram i can select in free-tier ?
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  • Can we limit ressources for free-tier ? i dont see this option like in heroku …

I think i will take premium in fly.io because its a really amazing plateform but for moment i’m just in my development of my futur rails apps without user :slight_smile:

Thanks you.

The free tier lets you make up to 3 vms of the smallest type. So yes, the shared-cpu-256mb ones.

And it includes up to 3GB of storage.

So if you make a development database using 256mb, that would use 1/3 of your 256mb vm allowance. And when it asks how big to make the volume, choose either 1/2/3 GB. As you have a limit of 3GB of storage for free.

You then have two out of your three vm allowance remaining. And so you could deploy an app using one shared-cpu-256mb vm. I think that is the default.

And you would not want to enable any scaling/auto-scaling (well beyond a max of two vms) for that app. Else it could exceed the total free allowance (of three vms). So resources (apart from bandwidth) are automatically limited (by the fact you have not assigned them to be used).