Is my machine limited to the free tier?

Hey, i have created a machine for my simple Discord bot with Dockerfile

Is its a shared-cpu-1x, if my application starts to use more than the resources of the free tier, will i be charged or the resources are limited to what a shared-cpu-1x can offer? In other words, do i’m safe from charges with this machine?

Thank you!

If you have only one shared-cpu-1x VM then you can’t exceed the (compute) free tier, even if it’s running 24/7 (in fact you can have up to three shared-cpu-1x VMs running 24/7 without incurring charges).

In theory you could exceed the other free tiers, for example if your outbound traffic exceeds 30GB/month to certain regions, or if you (manually) create a large persistent volume or (manually) scale up your app.

If you get a surprise bill, contact and they should refund you (ref).

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