questoins on free allowances explanation + ssh to machines

could someone please explain to me the Free allowances?

  • Up to 3 shared-cpu-1x 256mb VMs****
  • 3GB persistent volume storage (total)

Currently I have an organization with 2 apps

  • Django app - shared-cpu-1x@256MB
  • DB appo - shared-cpu-1x@256MB

Where Django is running 3 started machines (Django, celery and beat) and 2 stopped (celery and beat)

I did not set it up but I want to understand. Could someone please explain to me

  1. what are the stopped machines about? Are they going to be billed?
  2. how can I find out if I am running V2 apps or V1?
  3. how is the memory counting working? is a sum for all machines?
  4. how is the volume working? is a sum for all machines? so 4 machines in total? DB included? How can I check how much available volume left? In web UI and in application
  5. can I ssh to Django, celery and have access to shell? how can I do that?

Thank you

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