You have reached the maximum number of VMs for this app

I have an app scaled to 2 instances in 2 regions and when I want to scale it to 3 I get this message:

Error You have reached the maximum number of VMs for this app. Please contact us at to unlock more.

My debit card is added and from what I can understand 3 instances would even fall within the free tier so wondering if is there a limit for the number of VMs per app. Didn’t find anything in the docs.

I emailed billing@fly but no response, any ideas?


I have tried to move my app to v2 and although I managed to clone 3 instances when I tried to deploy a new version I got a similar message:

Error failed to update VM …: You have reached the maximum number of machines for this app. Please contact us at to unlock more

It’s been 2 weeks since I emailed billing and no reply. Emailed support and some generic reply saying that I need to pay to get a reply.

:bangbang: At this stage I cannot recommand this platform for anything then silly projects (where your bill is less than 5$/month thus free) or if spend more than 29$/month where they supposedly reply to emails. For anything in between it seems you are not a wanted customer.

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I was surprised by something similar when I had an project with 1 app server + 1 db (2 “apps”) and apparently I had reached the 3-app limit. Turns out that a 3rd “builder” app is created automatically for you to run deploys. It’s only used when running a deploy but it counts towards the 3-app limit. Wish that was clearer in the pricing documentation.

Any chance this is what you’re experiencing? You can see the total number of apps, including the builder app, by logging into your dashboard.

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Yeah, there are two issues:

  • documentation inaccurate - no mention on such limits and how to remove them. In fact I used machine clone multiple times as in the example and it made my app undeployable :face_holding_back_tears:
  • no reply from the company to email they mention in the error

I find it odd since basically the company does not want your money or at least does not want change (< $29). It seems to me they are targeting customers that are at least on a subscription plan but why would one switch to that if you can’t test the system as payg is beyond my understanding.

There’s nothing nefarious here. We deal with near constant waves of abuse from people with stolen credit cards and IP proxies. The limits are in place to keep the system as stable as we can make it.

We, unfortunately, have not managed to solve the UX problems associated with limiting resource usage yet. Abusive users work faster than we can build.

I know this is frustrating. It’s not good for us either.

So what’s the solution? Would buying credit unlock that limit?

No it’s a manual process. Our risk protection flagged your account for some reason.

I didn’t realize you hadn’t heard back in two weeks. I will go chase that down.

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Got confirmation that this was lifted, tested it and it works!

Thanks for the context and resolution :+1:.

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