I wish there were some more "in between" memory size options

Right now I have to decide between 32gb machines for an app where that might just barely run out of memory a few times a week, or 64gb where I’ll almost never use much more than 32gb.

With larger machines the difference in cost is a lot when your only option is to double. ~$250/month/machine vs ~$500/month/machine makes it a harder choice than it needs to be.

I want to give you more money for more ram… Just not twice as much to use 1% more :sweat_smile:

Have you looked at Machine Sizing · Fly Docs? We support this (up to a point - there’s a minimum/maximum depending on cpu type, you could use a performance-8x and run fly scale memory 35328 if you wanted 34.5gb of ram, as an example).

Oh wow really? I thought the memory had to be a multiple like it’s listed in the pricing docs, but it can be anything in that min/max range? That’s so much more flexible.

Yup! Almost in the range should work (iirc it has to be in 256mb increments)

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