I want to make my website faster

I’m making and managing that app.


In my case, I’m using the free plan.
I don’t feel like I’m running out of CPU when I check my memory or metrics. (275 MB/1 GB)
App deploys on Tyoko and I’m accessing from Seoul cuz FLY.IO doesn’t currently support the Seoul region right now.
Sometimes when I access the website without caching, it feels very slow.
But I don’t know if it’s because of the resources of my machine or the region.
Do you know of any ways to make the website faster?

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There are so many variables it is hard to say what is causing it to be slow.

But from a similar question earlier, the first thing I’d do is make sure Fly isn’t turning all your machine(s) off and starting a new one for a request. That will add X ms overhead of a cold-start (kind of). Check out this part of the docs and at least for now, turn that off:

If requests are now consistent, solved :slight_smile:

If not … clearly that was not the issue and it’s somewhere else …

Sounds like it’s not CPU/RAM, based on your metrics.

It can be networking, especially as you mention a long distance.

But it’s usually the database. There are commercial tools with free trials for profiling. Perhaps New Relic? Datadog? You want to see e.g how long a database query takes, how many queries are being done, are those queries all using an index etc.

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When I checked, the machine was set to turn off.

min_machines_running = 1

I fixed it with the above settings.
Thank you.

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