Dashboard & Docs not working

Anyone else having issues accessing the dashboard or the docs? My login attempts throw a “Something went wrong” error and the password reset page throws a “timeout” error.

Strange. It works for me :thinking:

Could it be a region thing? I’m getting served from lhr and that’s working. You can see your closest region by loading e.g and looking at the Fly-Region header value in the response it shows you. Not sure the site reveals that in its headers. That could help Fly debug too if it persists.

I moved to different regions and they all seemed to work, except for iad. helped with this in finding which region I was on.

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Ah. Maybe there is an issue with iad then :thinking:. Can’t see anything about it on the status page (just mentions some upcoming maintenance). One for Fly to investigate.

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If you have a VPN, you can move it to Ashburn, Virginia, and the dashboard will not load with this issue.

Thank you @greg and @dragonfire1119

iad is my local Fly region and it definitely appears to be the issue.

I set my fly-prefer-region header to ord and now the dashboard and docs are working for me. It’s really strange because the app I have hosted in iad has not experienced any issues.

Hi everyone – some of you might have already seen this, but we’re looking into this issue and will keep y’all updated via the status page


If it helps, I first observed the issues between 8:30am-9am EDT.

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Thank you for the update!

Looks to be fixed!

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