I migrated from heroku, do I still need heroku itself?

Is it possible to deploy straight from github, like heroku does and say bye to heroku?
Sorry, I’m a beginner, and have little clue how this all works :')


No problem. You can deploy from github, but there is an extra step you need to take to make that work: first add a github action to your repo.

What then happens is when you push to github, that github action runs, and it is that which actually deploys your code to Fly.

Essentially it means adding a .yml file in a .github/workflows folder e.g .github/workflows/main.yml.

Take a look at this page for how to set it up: Continuous Deployment with Fly and GitHub Actions · Fly Docs

Github actions is free for the first 2,000 minutes, but could incur costs beyond that. So if your app deploys quickly and/or you don’t do many deploys each month, you’ll be within that monthly allowance:


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Great, thank you very much! Yeah, I don’t deploy that many times, it’s a simple bot for our friends chat, so I suppose 2k minutes are more than enough :smiley:

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