HTTP verbs like delete and put not recognized

I realized that my app dont recognize ‘DELETE’ and ‘PUT’ http verbs.

In my app i have this:

  public async Routes() {
    this.router.get('/', this.ListAnnouncements);'/', this.CreateAnnouncement);
    this.router.put('/:id', this.UpdateAnnouncement);
    this.router.delete('/:id', this.DeleteAnnouncement);

Works perfectly fine on localhost, but when i deploy my app and try to use one of this verbs ‘DELETE’ or ‘PUT’ i get the following error:

What am i doing wrong ?

A quick test makes it look like DELETE/PUT are http verbs the Fly Proxy layer allows, which says to me that perhaps the issue is in the web server configuration used in the Docker image created when deploying the app.

Are you using a Dockerfile for the application, or perhaps a build pack? Any idea if that’s running Nginx or something similar?

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Yeah im using dockerfile to deploy, but i didnt find the reason, also, i deployed this api into another cloud service and works perfectly fine, maybe was a configuration issue like you say.