fly(ctl) questions

Hi! I just installed flyctl and noticed that some commands use delete while others use destroy. It might be nice to keep this consistent :slight_smile:

However, here are my actual questions:

  • Is there a way to rename organisations?
  • I tried to delete an org, I removed all apps but get “An unknown error occured”. Is is possible this happens because the org name contains hyphens (I could remove one without hyphens)?
  • Do “pending” apps get charged?
  • fly automatically generated some fly-builder-* apps, are they documented somewhere? Do they/ how do they get charged?


There’s no current way to rename orgs! We have a lot of work to do on the org workflows, and it doesn’t surprise me you’re hitting a bug deleting them.

pending apps don’t get charged, you only pay for VMs when they’re booted and running.

fly-builder-* apps are remote docker daemons. They’re not well documented. You don’t get billed for those either!

I’ve also seen the delete/destroy confusion, we’ll be cleaning those up over time!

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@kurt Thanks for the response! Is there a way to set environment variables that are not secrets? I’d like to use it for application config and it would just be convenient if those settings weren’t hidden.

You can! Just add a block like this to fly.toml:


Mh but there’s no way to set it per deployment, is there? If I want to deploy the same app multiple times with different settings the fly.toml file doesn’t seem to work :thinking:

Oh I see! You can set them at deploy time with fly deploy -e MIX_ENV=production. If you’re using a Dockerfile, you can also encode them in the image if that makes things easier.

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