How long does it take to issue certificates?

The certificate for has not been issued yet.
Your certificate for is being issued. Status is Awaiting certificates. Make sure to create another certificate for when the current certificate is issued.

It’s been 2 hours, still not issued. Any help please?

Is this still the case? That certainly sounds like an issue, however it’s important to check you have the correct, valid DNS records as those not being what Fly expects would cause the validation to fail and so the certificate not issued.

You would need a valid A/AAAA record for your domain using the Fly IP (and if using something like Cloudflare for your DNS, that would need to be non-proxied). Or (if using a proxied record or using a CNAME for your domain) you would need to add another DNS record alongside that: the acme challenge one the dashboard should show you.

A combination of those (and the correct values for them) should mean a certificate is issued in minutes. So double-check they are correct and perhaps try again, and see if that works.

It looks like there’s a certificate for this hostname now. Is it working how you expect?

Hello, i’m having the same problem. I’m trying to create the certs for and its taking a while (more than 45 mins).

I’m probably doing something wrong here but I’m clueless. Are there any logs that I can inspect?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @diego

This seems most likely a propagation issue, I can already reach out to that domain on my end.

Can you check if your cert is verified now or try to verify again?

Hi lubien! It was indeed a propagation issue. The tutorial works great! It is working now.