Certificate is not being issued

Hi Fly.io team

I set up my website on Fly.io 3 months back and I used Cloudflare as the DNS. The certificate was issued 3 months ago but didn’t get renewed last week. I tried deleting the older one and creating a new certificate without any success as well. I had switched on Cloudflare DNS proxy, which might be the reason for the renewal to fail. I have switched the Cloudflare proxy off now, but I still can’t get the certificate to get issued.

Any clues as to what I am missing here?

Sadly yes: enabling the Cloudflare proxy would cause the re-validation to fail. And so the certificate would not get renewed, as its check would return a Cloudflare IP.

It seems there is an ongoing issue with certificates :thinking: e.g same issue:

Hopefully someone from Fly is investigating: @eli was responding in the other thread.