How do you host your database? Self-managed or serverless?

Hi community,

I noticed a few persons using SQLite with LiteFS for their Fly apps. I know in the wider community outside of Fly, I’ve seen people using serverless providers like Supabase, PlanetScale, Neon, etc.

I’m only curious to know what’s common among Fly users. Pls let me know in the poll what you use, and feel free to leave a comment if you have a strong opinion for your usecase.

  • Supabase/Firebase
  • Neon database
  • Planetscale
  • Postgres (Fly)
  • SQLite + LiteFS (Fly)
  • SQL (self-managed - Fly Volumes)
  • Redis (Upstash)
  • MongoDB
  • Others

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For me, I lean towards managed databases like MongoDB. I’m looking to try Neon or PlanetScale.


You’ve missed CockroachDB self-hosted and CockroachDB Serverless.

We use CockroachDB self-hosted on fly.


it’s hard to remember and list all the serverless databases. That’s why I have Others as an option. Thanks for mentioning CockroachDB.

How do you decide between when you run your own CockroachDB instance on Fly vs using their cloud offering?

We’ve been using CockroachDB self hosted on fly since before serverless was available.

Unfortunately their serverless offering is currently only available on GCP and AWS. Fingers crossed they bring it to fly.


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