Help estimating bill based on current Heroku usage patterns


I am considering migrating my Heroku app to Fly. My app is already getting a significant amount of traffic and I’d not to get a large bill.

Is there a way to estimate your Fly bill based on current Heroku usage?

The typical answer is “much cheaper”. Our VMs are about 1/4th the price of Heroku VMs (or even less). Depending on what Dyno sizes you’re using you can compare:

  • shared-cpu-1x to Standard Dynos
  • dedicated-cpu to Performance Dynos

We do charge for outbound bandwidth, Heroku includes 2TB free per application. Our outbound bandwidth prices are pretty low, though, the cost will be minimal for most apps. 2TB of outbound bandwidth would cost you ~$50 on Fly.

Bandwidth adds up if you’re streaming videos, but for most apps on Heroku the bandwidth will fit in our free tier.


Thanks a lot Kurt!

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