Comparison of prices to Heroku

Am I correct in analysing the pricing between Heroku and to say that a Standard 1 dyno, 512MB Ram at $25 a month is equivalent to $3.19/mo on

What is the underlying tech that is hosted on? (Heroku was AWS I believe)

Is there any particular downside to being on a share box over a dedicated CPU? So far on Heroku I haven’t really seen any issues.


From what’s publicly available: OVH, Equinix, NetActuate, CacheNet (ref). Fly uses AWS (S3, RDS etc), but for control-plane, iiuc.

Kurt says, pound-for-pound dedicated-cpu on Fly is faster: Heroku equivalents for PL Dyno - #2 by kurt

With shared-cpu, of course, there’s only a limited timeslice available to a VM, which is ~1/15th for Fly’s lowest tier, share-cpu-1x: Heroku Free Tier Migration - #6 by ignoramous

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