flyctl ssh console - no up arrow? no back arrow? no forward delete / home / end etc.?

My PHP codebase is using a Dockerfile from this project GitHub - hyperf/hyperf-skeleton: 🛠 A skeleton of Hyperf framework that provided by official team
Seems to be using Alpine linux
Deploying to works fine
But trying to log in remotely over console flyctl ssh console seems to be missing basic terminal features like up arrow, back arrow, forward-delete, Home/End keys etc. instead these keys seem to spam control characters into the command line…
Switching from sh to bash doesn’t help, still these basic terminal functionalities are missing…

Is there something to adjust in the environment / TERM or something? Is the image missing some basic system packages? Is using it from CMD/PowerShell on windows the problem? How can I fix this please

What OS do you run flyctl ssh console on?

If it is a Windows machine then you are out of luck as for now. But you can use Windows Subsystem for Linux.

I think flyctl is missing SetConsoleMode(hOut, dwMode | ENABLE_VIRTUAL_TERMINAL_PROCESSING | ENABLE_VIRTUAL_TERMINAL_INPUT) call and it effectively leaves virtual terminal emulation in Windows unused. More info: Console Virtual Terminal Sequences - Windows Console | Microsoft Learn

I am too will be happy to see this problem fixed. Here is the corresponding GitHub issue for everyone interested: