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When I use fly ssh console, I can’t press up, or navigate around the command line like I can on my local machine. If I use docker to run the ubuntu image I’m using locally, it looks and works fine. It just doesn’t work as expected when running on fly. I’ve tried with both fly ssh console, and by using a proxy and sshing in manually. TERM is set to xterm if that matters.

Not quite sure what you mean …

When I run fly ssh console I get a command line and then when I press up, I do get past commands. What would you expect to happen (or what do you see locally)?

It may be due to the OS, or something of course - I’m running it on a Mac, if that makes any difference.

I am experiencing the same. But once I attach to my Elixir app running on that node, everything works correctly. Just the system shell is acting weird.

This is mostly a function of the shell in the VM. /bin/sh doesn’t have things like history or tab complete. It’s what runs by default when you SSH to most VMs, though.

If your image includes bash, you can run fly ssh console -C /bin/bash and get a better shell experience. You can also install things like zsh if you really want to.

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Thank you. I needed to run bash.

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