flyctl scale show is incorrect v2 app?

Might be a stupid question but I’ll ask it anyway. When I run the command: flyctl scale show. I’ll get the next output:

On the count I have 3. But I these have scaled to zero, since there is no traffic on them.

Now I wondered two things:

  • This shows the current configuration (there are 0 machines running, but can run max 3).
  • Is there also an amount charged if they are not running (maybe I have a setting wrong)

Hi @daansk44, those screenshots look like they’re saying you’ve got 3 Machines created, and they are all in the stopped state. You can confirm within the CLI with fly status. The scale is the number of Machines in the app, whether they are running or not, so this is correct.

In principle there is a cost to stopped machines, for the storage of their root file system on the host. I’m not sure if we have actually started charging customers money for that yet. We don’t charge for CPU or RAM provisioned on stopped Machines, so they are, and will continue to be, much cheaper while they are stopped.


Awesome thnx for the answer

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