App scale and groups show inaccurate data

Hey folks,

I currently have a few apps running on fly. One of these is a multi-process app, where, at some point, I added a worker1, worker2 and worker3 groups. That was before realising I could just have a single worker group and scale that up.

As such, when I run fly scale show, it shows all worker groups and their scale, including the now deleted worker1, worker2, worker3 groups.

  1. Is that something I need to worry about, and can I clean that up somehow?
  2. Running fly scale show says I have a shared-cpu-1x for my app group, however, looking at the dashboard, it says I’m running on a dedicated CPU. I had previously scaled my app up temporarily, but the dashboard is puzzling me on whether I have managed to scale that down or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A quick update, the UI has now been updated and actually shows the process groups. Any idea on how I could go about clearing up old process groups?

I’d also like to know if there is an answer to this.

I don’t believe these processes are running but if they are then they would conflict with other applications I’ve scaled up.

Is there a way to delete particular process groups in an application?

Today, process groups never go away. Fly may yet fix it one of these days: Incorrect flyctl scale show output for multi-process apps · Issue #1294 · superfly/flyctl · GitHub