Scaling issues: unable to scale to requested count

I’ve executed fly scale count app=60 for one of my apps to scale to 60 instances, but while fly scale show displays the right target value of 60, fly status only shows around 14 instances running. I think. It’s actually kind of difficult to find out exactly how many instances are running in a valid state using either flyctl or the dashboard.

I’ve checked fly autoscale show which shows Scale Mode: Disabled, so I can’t really work out exactly how many instances are running of what type, and therefore how much I will be charged at the end of the month. For example, I’ve requested 60. Does that mean I’ll be charged for 60 instances even if only 14 are running? Are only 14 running, or are there more running which aren’t being reported in fly status?

Try fly status --all.

Your instances are instantly getting OOM Killed.

Thanks. It’s difficult to see what is going on though, since (I think) some instances are running ok at the current memory setting. Hard to tell, since fly status doesn’t report on the memory setting for the instances, and fly scale count shows only the target memory level, not what is actively running; for example, reducing from 1gb to 512mb and having it roll back will show 512 from fly scale count but since they rolled back they’re all running at 1gb.