Flyctl launch / deploy failed: You must be authenticated to view this.

So I’ve deployed a quite similar node.js app 2 days ago and it went well without problem. This time I got this error everytime I try to deploy. I also tried to deploy to another region like Hongkong, Australia but got the same problem. Is there anything I did wrong? I’m using the command flyctl launch and also flyctl deploy. Thanks

This definitely doesn’t seem right.

If you run fly auth whoami you should either see your email or an error if your token happens to be expired now.

Thank you for the reply! I did flyctl auth logout and also flyctl auth login, didn’t seem to do anything. The app was created but marked as pending in dashboard.
I did try flyctl deploy again after some time and IT WORKS now, I still don’t know why.

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Thanks for following up. Let us know if something like this appears again