Deploy tokens broken: unauthorized: not allowed

Today all of a sudden my deploy token broke on github CI
Error: failed to fetch an image or build from source: error rendering push status stream: unauthorized: not allowed

Locally I can deploy with my personal fly CLI (personal token),
but if I create a new Deploy Token and set it like:
FLY_API_TOKEN=$(cat token) fly deploy
the same error comes back even on my laptop.

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+1 - I’ve been stuck on this since last night at ~6:30PM EST. Strangely only one of my apps has this issue, but not another one.

Same happens to me.

Sames here.

We are able to authenticate locally but not in our CI with a token.

same for me :S. Local cli works, but any use of created tokens = broken.

same here! please help?

Sorry about that. I’m deploying a fix now.

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This should be resolved. Let us know if you see more issues.

Yep now it works! Thanks!

works :slight_smile: