fly proxy error "context deadline exceeded" from CDG region


We have an app that we’re trying to proxy locally using fly proxy -a <app> port:port, I’m able to run this without a problem from the US but a couple of friends running the same from Tunisia (going through CDG region from looking at fly wg list) are getting the following issue:

Opening a wireguard tunnel to <org> 🌍 Error tunnel unavailable for organization <org>: failed probing "<org>": context deadline exceeded

I’m suspecting a regional issue since this is happening for 2 people ?

This sounds like a wireguard peer may be in a bad state. A couple things to try:

  • fly wireguard reset to reset the peer. In a lot of cases this solves the issue.
  • fly wireguard websockets enable to use websockets over tcp for wireguard instead of the default udp transport. For some connections using tcp instead of udp can improve reliability and avoid issues like this.
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thanks @tvdfly that seems to get around the issue