Fly Postgres down and no recover

Hi, I have a Postgres cluster with 3 nodes in the GRU region and today it seems that one of the nodes went down and wasn’t able to recover.

It seems to me that it was. network error.

I thought the 2 replicas would recover automatically on these situations. But my application is down because of this

Hi Markost, can you give some more details about this? Name of the app? I can’t find a user associated with your forum username in our system.

@john-fly the app name is spot-leiloes-db-prod.

I see. We were rebalancing Machines on our host servers in GRU; I’m not sure why you’re experiencing downtime because it looks like two of your cluster are running at any point. My first reaction is to scale up to 4 for the moment to try and regain quorum. Try that while I investigate more.

@john-fly the problem is that I am way from computer now. Why the app is not connecting on the health node? Is fly moved that from a replica to master?

Is there anything you can do for me here?

The app name is spot-leiloes-graphql-prod and it’s unable to connect to the database.

Shouldn’t fly advise for this rebalance work in advance so we could be prepared?

I am now totally focus on this app and am trying to fix it for you; I’ll answer your other questions once the DB is back up.

Thank you, appreciate that

Can you see if you’re back online?

@john-fly it’s not. Seeing the same erros in the live logs as well, Db is still dowb

No, I mean your frontend app; forget that DB app for now; is your fronted app working?

@john-fly No. it’s not. The app can’t connect to the database. It seems something worse.
I am at the computer now, and I can’t connect to the database either by using the fly proxy.

Can I email you at the email on file with your account?


@john-fly Please let me know when you are available to help me downgrade the Database instance from 8gb to 2gb as we have discussed and also the credit regarding the incident as I think this new instance will increase the monthly bill considerably. Thank you.

Hi Marco, no I didn’t forget; I sorry I just had some other things I needed to do first. I’ve just sent you an email following up on all the points we talked about.

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