GRU - Database error

My database is offline in GRU. In the metrics ia showing now that the database volume is not available.

We’re troubleshooting a hardware issue on one of the hosts in GRU. If you’re running a single node database, it’s likely being affected by that issue.

Multi node DBs are still up and running. If you need maximum uptime on your DB, it would be good to add another replica as soon as it comes back online.

Hey, looks like your postgres db is back.

Remember if you need an HA setup that automatically failovers when one node crashes, it must have 2+ nodes in the primary region. Failing over to non-primary regions is only a manual operation.

Thanks. @dangra @kurt do you have any guide how I can do that? And what is the best pratice?

Having 2 nodes in the same region like, GRU. I think the application will be shoutdown in problems like that right?

I know Fly Postgres is not a managed service like RDS, but I think we can create some guide to create a HA setup that could be changed automaticly in situations like that.

Hopefully, scaling your cluster is a very simple operation, refer to Legacy Fly Postgres Clusters · Fly Docs.