"Something unexpected happened" while trying to configure new app

Hi all, trying to create a new app through fly launch and while configuring the app in the browser popup, after confirming the settings, I get this error. Tried the fix in https://community.fly.io/t/fly-launch-page-says-something-unexpected-happened/19919 but still couldn’t get past the error.

. Can anyone help? Thank you!

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Hi @hazelnutcloud

Apologies for that. I looked in our Sentry and it seems you where hit by a tokens issue we are working on fixing at the moment.

For further context, some API calls internally from our dashboard use short-lived tokens to authorize some actions and those short lived tokens are revalidated from time to time to keep them alive (we call this process “discharge”) and there seems to be some issues around discharges at the moment.

In the meantime can you try launching it again? I know this is not a great solution for now but we are actively looking into those discharge issues. In the meantime I’ll also look if there’s ways we can avoid that in our launch UI!

Also getting this for a new app I’m trying to launch.

I need to edit the apps name (as I’m getting a “Name has already been taken” error) however I’m getting that same “Something unexpected happened” on submitting the web form.

Is there any workaround for this? I’ve tried several times but still don’t seem to be able to deploy my app to fly. Thanks!

Update: logging out and back in on my browser session seems to have made it work!

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@ruiramos thanks for sharing that workaround!

I’m currently shipping a improvement that should help prevent this on the future. Should be in prod in a few minutes!

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