Support: community vs email (Read this first)

Hello! We’re growing fast, and expectations from customers are growing even faster. This is good, provided you all understand what’s happening and how best to get help.

The tldr of this message is: you should activate a paid plan on your organization and use email support to get staff to answer questions for you.

We have two support channels:

  • Community forum: you are here. This is free (yay!) and a good place to post about things other community members may be able to help with. It’s an especially good place to post weird build errors you encounter, or talk about running different kinds of apps. There are some exceptionally helpful community members here. There are also employees checking in occasionally. But that’s rare, and you should not count on your forum topic getting attention from someone who works at
  • Email support: when you sign up for a Scale, Launch, or Enterprise plan, we generate a unique support email address for you. Sending an email there is the best way to get a response from engineers. In fact, we just hired more engineers specifically to help developers get stuff working well on Fly.

The goal for 2023 is to get ahead of user growth. The forums are great. Most of us actually like posting in them. We just don’t always have time. You’ll probably like us better – and we’ll definitely feel more chill – later this year when we get some time back to chat in forums.


Where do I find the email I can write on?


Once you activate a paid plan, you should be able to see your organization’s support email address in the billing dashboard. So if your org is called ‘foo’, you should then find your email address at


It seems like billing is also down (besides the container registry)…

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i am having an issue with billing Help me understand the pricing breakdown. The only benefit of the paid plan is the support email?

@paulwvnjohi Well it would depend which of the paid plans you go for. If you mean the Launch Plan, then yes, the only additional feature listed is access to email support (compared to community support here). However the larger paid plans include more (priority, SLA, SOC2 and so on). Take a look at Plan Pricing · Fly


I’m on a launch plan and cannot see the support email address in the billing section. I’ve tried sending an an email to [my org name] to no avail. Could you please advise.

same here. no support email can be found on my billing page. I am on launch plan as well :slight_smile:

It took a day to appear for me after upgrading.

Could you please demystify what “Priority Email” means? We are paying $200 for email support, but response times vary between hours and multiple days, sometimes even unanswered. Honestly, we expect some SLAs as paying customers.

Additionally, what means “high-availability workloads” on the “Scale” plan? How would it differ from running such workloads on “Launch” instead “Scale”?


I’m looking for my support email to solve a deployment issue that came up today. I’m also on the Launch plan, but don’t see any support email.

Edit: the email did show up after a few hours :+1:


It shouldn’t take a few hours to show unless the payment fails the first time. You’re good now, though, it won’t go away.


We’re unable to signup for the paid plan because we keep getting this error.

How do we move forward?

Please update your Support page then: Support · Fly Docs

That page lists the email address

Other Questions?

For questions about a specific invoice or account management issues, email us at

BUT all the address does is reply with:

This is an unmonitored support mailbox. We offer two kinds of technical support :

If you have a plan with paid email support, please send an email to your personalized support email address. You can find this on your organization’s billing page.

For billing and account questions, please email

The Fly Team

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My Hobby Plan account got flagged by the internal fraud protection service, so far I’ve checked that no payment overdue and credit card info is valid (no error message from stripe side). I’ve sent email to, got a reply “This is an unmonitored support mailbox” and I supposed to find support on this support forum.

What else should I provide from my end to get myself unflagged?

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The Support page has been updated with the correct place to send account and billing information.

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Hi, I’ve upgraded to a supported plan, and sent an email on Friday regarding an issue I’m unable to diagnose myself (scale/network issue). I still haven’t had a response.

I didn’t even receive a confirmation that the email was received.

What kind of SLA should we expect from the various support plans?


I’m interested in email support for development and happy to pay for it (it’s a very reasonable price) but I’m concerned that if issues are identified they won’t be fixed and/or I’ll get responses like “well you’re the only one who’s encountered this issue”. It seems like this would be a good choice for “my server is burning, and I’m using a common feature, get me back up ASAP” type things.

Is there a way we could get paid support in the public forum or maybe a public issue tracker like gitlab has?

Can I get some engineering help here please Help: Account in bad state

I see I can get engineering help through email but I can’t even access my account.

I’d love to get some help here as well My volume is missing. I can't load it through the UI nor find it, although my app mounts it successfully.