doc guide minor display problem on some expressions using Dark mode.

Could the expressions marked in blue be change to some other display format/type ?
Problem appears when using the Dark mode of Darkreader, all blue written expression are displayed dark on dark, therefor unreadable. *see the 2 picture joined.
We have our dark mode turned ON all the time all year long.
Thanks for any improvment… :upside_down_face:

(i.e. expression “inet6” is not readable in dark mode - we’ve tested dif. contrast, etc with no succes)

Oh wow! This display looks like our docs contain classified info :sweat_smile:

Taking a look at Dark Reader, I think some of the theme generation settings under the “More” tab might work better.

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Thanks, it worked after some battling… :slight_smile: much easier to read now

The multiline code background ends up coming out too bright under other theme engines besides Dynamic. I ended up fixing it by applying the following override using the stylus extension

.docs :not(a):not(pre) > code {
  mix-blend-mode: normal;