Dark Mode for fly.io website dashboard

Please please have Dark Mode :new_moon_with_face: please for your website. I often work at night, and fly.io web dashboard looks like the surface of the sun :sunny:

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Hi mate @Quintessa!

I don’t work at Fly.io and I don’t know how hard or high priority would it be for them to add such a feature, however I can meanwhile suggest you to use a browser extension which turns any website into a dark layout version in one click.

These extensions aren’t perfect for all pages and sometimes you may notice the look & feel of the dark version styles is obviously not as good as if it was a native dark mode, but if you want an example to give it a try I would recommend you one called Dark Reader which is quite popular.

It is available for Chrome and Firefox, you can find it inside both official extensions stores and it is free + open source. You can also find it on GitHub under darkreader/darkreader, which is nice and personally makes me feel more comfortable when installing extensions on my computer. I use this one quite often and most of the time it gets the job done.

I hope that helped! :slightly_smiling_face:

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