Feature Request: timestamps in Activity UI

On the https://fly.io/apps/<app name>/activity dashboard, there are relative timestamps, but there’s no way to get an exact Unix timestamp. I would really love it if that

<span>about 2 hours</span>

were instead

<time datetime="2022-12-13T12:34:56Z" title="2022-12-13T12:34:56Z">
  about 2 hours ago

so I could get the exact timestamp for things like outage summaries.


Here’s what the corresponding element looks like in GitHub’s Actions logs:


Yeah agreed, would be nice to see detailed information in the Fly dashboard for my deployments. The best you can do for this currently, in the dashboard, is looking at the allocations section of your monitoring tab where it shows the timestamp of the last deployment:


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Thanks for your feedback @jamesarosen and @Cuji we just shipped that!

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Awesome! It’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

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