App deployed but not showing the latest release

Hi! I’m not sure why in my dashboard it’s showing v26 when I’ve already deployed the most recent one (v27) Dashoard > orgname > app-name > Activity

It’s a phoenix app and never changed the toml file.

Here’s the last part of doing fly deploy...

 => => naming to                                                     0.0s
--> Building image done
==> Pushing image to fly
The push refers to repository []
09afe2d0105b: Layer already exists
1c920e73e99f: Layer already exists
daf9d42f13b6: Layer already exists
80ffe13ced68: Layer already exists
77f17dc744e0: Layer already exists
ba5a5fe43301: Layer already exists
deployment-01GBT420S5JJWC049HY5GT2Q51: digest: sha256:773a32bdacf63a83f3d10209ea4f6e699ae5d156619de659446473f954a9a001 size: 1576
--> Pushing image done
image size: 184 MB
==> Creating release
--> release v27 created

So i’d expect on Activity page, the most recent deploy would be v27 but why it’s still v26? Am I missing something?

Here in my dashboard it still says v26 when I’ve just deployed another release (v27). I fly auth logout and login multiple times and redeploying, showing me v27 on cli.

Yeah this is a really odd one.

It’s possible there is a bug stopping the dashboard from showing the most up to date version but just to check that the new version you deployed was registered can you run fly releases -a <app-name>.

This command would show you all the versions for your app and it should hopefully show v27 as the most recent version.

fly releases -a APP_NAME still gave me v26, not v27. I ended up creating a new instance, and the latest changes showed.

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Ah found the problem (it has something to do with postgrex connection, not migrated):

2022-09-23T06:24:25.713 runner[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Starting instance

2022-09-23T06:24:25.922 runner[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Configuring virtual machine

2022-09-23T06:24:25.925 runner[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Pulling container image

2022-09-23T06:24:27.979 runner[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Unpacking image

2022-09-23T06:24:29.836 runner[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Preparing kernel init

2022-09-23T06:24:30.142 runner[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Configuring firecracker

2022-09-23T06:24:30.142 runner[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Starting virtual machine

2022-09-23T06:24:30.336 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Starting init (commit: 249766e)...

2022-09-23T06:24:30.396 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 512 MiB (536866816 bytes)

2022-09-23T06:24:30.397 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] no label, UUID=fc61adff-0f011-4b61-843b-b141c1c5bda2

2022-09-23T06:24:30.401 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Preparing to run: `/app/bin/migrate` as nobody

2022-09-23T06:24:30.417 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] 2022/09/23 06:24:30 listening on [fdaa:0:631b:a7b:cf99:ab6e:5a0d:2]:22 (DNS: [fdaa::3]:53)

2022-09-23T06:24:33.375 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] 06:24:33.370 [error] Postgrex.Protocol (#PID<0.136.0>) failed to connect: ** (DBConnection.ConnectionError) tcp connect (app-staging-db.internal:5432): non-existing domain - :nxdomain

2022-09-23T06:24:33.375 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] 06:24:33.370 [error] Postgrex.Protocol (#PID<0.135.0>) failed to connect: ** (DBConnection.ConnectionError) tcp connect (app-staging-db.internal:5432): non-existing domain - :nxdomain

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] 06:24:36.326 [error] Could not create schema migrations table. This error usually happens due to the following:

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] * The database does not exist

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] * The "schema_migrations" table, which Ecto uses for managing

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] migrations, was defined by another library

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] * There is a deadlock while migrating (such as using concurrent

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] indexes with a migration_lock)

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] To fix the first issue, run "mix ecto.create".

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] To address the second, you can run "mix ecto.drop" followed by

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] "mix ecto.create". Alternatively you may configure Ecto to use

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] another table and/or repository for managing migrations:

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] config :app, App.Repo,

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] migration_source: "some_other_table_for_schema_migrations",

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] migration_repo: AnotherRepoForSchemaMigrations

2022-09-23T06:24:36.326 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] The full error report is shown below.

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] ** (DBConnection.ConnectionError) connection not available and request was dropped from queue after 2968ms. This means requests are coming in and your connection pool cannot serve them fast enough. You can address this by:

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] 1. Ensuring your database is available and that you can connect to it

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] 2. Tracking down slow queries and making sure they are running fast enough

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] 3. Increasing the pool_size (although this increases resource consumption)

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] 4. Allowing requests to wait longer by increasing :queue_target and :queue_interval

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] See DBConnection.start_link/2 for more information

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] (ecto_sql 3.8.3) lib/ecto/adapters/sql.ex:932: Ecto.Adapters.SQL.raise_sql_call_error/1

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] (elixir 1.13.4) lib/enum.ex:1593: Enum."-map/2-lists^map/1-0-"/2

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] (ecto_sql 3.8.3) lib/ecto/adapters/sql.ex:1024: Ecto.Adapters.SQL.execute_ddl/4

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] (ecto_sql 3.8.3) lib/ecto/migrator.ex:696: Ecto.Migrator.verbose_schema_migration/3

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] (ecto_sql 3.8.3) lib/ecto/migrator.ex:510: Ecto.Migrator.lock_for_migrations/4

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] (ecto_sql 3.8.3) lib/ecto/migrator.ex:422:

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] (ecto_sql 3.8.3) lib/ecto/migrator.ex:146: Ecto.Migrator.with_repo/3

2022-09-23T06:24:36.329 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] (nappy 0.1.0) lib/nappy/release.ex:12: anonymous fn/2 in Nappy.Release.migrate/0

2022-09-23T06:24:36.414 app[ab6e5a11] dfw [info] Starting clean up.