Dashboard minor improvements

Howdy. New year, new features. We shipped throughout the day a few small improvements. Let’s go over them:

Timestamps of activity times

Thanks to some amazing customer feedback we did a small improvement in showing the time for those who are curious on our activity pages.

Dashboard shows if you use a shared IPv4

We recently announced shared IPv4 and now your app dashboard should reflect that too.

Different displays of VM sizes for different kinds of apps

Right now there are 3 ways you can set VM sizes for your apps:

  • By default apps have one VM size for all allocations.
  • If it’s a machines app, each machine has their own VM size
  • If you have multiple process groups, each can have their own VM size for their respective allocations

Now our dashboard should be more helpful on that front.

By default, you’re going to see the VM size for your app allocations.

Apps with multiple process groups will show that more clearly.

Apps V2, also known as Machine Apps, for now will just display the fact they’re a different kind of app.

Let us know if you have some feedback on these, have a nice rest of the day and 2023.


Interesting improvements (esp relating to the long-neglected multi-process apps).

A couple:

  1. If feasible, for accounts flagged by Fly’s internal systems, show a msg that ends with a CTA similar to ‘subscribe to £29/mo plan to get unblocked right away’?
  2. Default to the dashboard of a Fly org that has non-zero apps (instead of defaulting to personal), or to that of the last viewed org?