"failed to launch VM: You have reached the maximum number of machines for this app" after upgrading to apps V2

Hi, I recently upgraded one my app to apps V2 and it changed my app to machines. But when I tried to scale my app to more machines (total 5), it’s showing the error: “Error: failed to launch VM: You have reached the maximum number of machines for this app. Please contact us at billing@fly.io to unlock more.”.
I have added the credit card and bought prepaid credits. What should I do? Thanks.

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This is the second time I got this error, hopefully I can get a response soon :crying_cat_face:

its 2 days now and I’m still getting no answer…

hey, sorry about this! can you subscribe to the paid hobby plan and try again?

sorry but I don’t have that much money, I just want to host some small website.

I am having the same issue. Am I to understand that I cannot update my app unless I move to paid hobby plan?

My exact error is:

Error: failed to update VM 91_REMOVED_83: You have reached the maximum number of machines for this app.

To unlock more features please add credit to your org (using an admin account) from your billing page:


Or contact us at [billing@fly.io](mailto:billing@fly.io) and we'll take a closer look at your account.

I am simply trying to update an app that I launched yesterday…

Thank you

I see. So what’s happening is you have very low trust score. I’m going to see if we can bump that for you.

Thank you, I migrated from Heroku almost half year but i don’t know why i’m still having that problem.

that’s one way for sure.

another way is to send an email to billing@fly.io and we can raise the limits for you if we deem it fit.

Thank you.

Yes, I’ve emailed billing twice but no response.

I guess my question is more: why do I need more VMs when I have a perfectly working one that is currently running my app? I simply want to update my app, not deploy another one.

Am I misunderstanding something?

Thank you

I’m going to reply your email now.

The issue is mostly related to the trust score of your account. Not the action you’re trying to perform.

I received your email and thank you for your assistance with this.

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Now I’m having another message, it said “Please add credit to your org to unlock more…” but I’m having 25$ prepaid credits in my account now

We are going to release a change that will improve this experience for you and every other person.
I’m going to reply your support email now.


Everything works fine again. Thanks for your support.

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