Fail to create the simplest application (hellostatic)

Here is the problem:

C:\work\learning\flyctl\hellostatic-builtin>flyctl launch
Creating app in C:\work\learning\flyctl\hellostatic-builtin
Scanning source code
←[32mCould not find a Dockerfile, nor detect a runtime or framework from source code. Continuing with a blank app.←[0m
? App Name (leave blank to use an auto-generated name): hellostatic
Automatically selected personal organization: Nikolaj Ivancic
? Select region: ord (Chicago, Illinois (US))
Error Validation failed: Name has already been taken

Question: what name is taken? The automatically selected Nikolaj Ivancic?

Also note the several “control” characters like “←[32m”. I run this sample on Windows 10 using the standard CMD.exe. What am I expected to use as a terminal?

Flyctl concept is simply fantastic and I would hate to get stuck on something so trivial :smile:

That error is saying the hellostatic app name is already taken. You should be able to try something else and carry on.

Thanks for pointing out the control characters, we’ll take a look!

So, app names ought to be unique across the deployment context? Is this rule forever or you plan to add some scoping support later?

Thanks @michael :grinning: