fly-apps/hellofly repository is missing

hello, fly-apps/hellofly github repository is referenced here: Continuous Deployment with Fly and GitHub Actions but it seems to be unavailable/deleted

Thanks for pointing this out. Looks like hellofly redirects to GitHub - fly-apps/go-example: A minimal Go application for tutorials. We’re deploying a fix now.

I found myself a little confused by the Go guide in which the text introduces hellofly without explaining where the name comes from:

As with most Go applications, a simple go build will create a hellofly binary which we can run. It’ll default to using port 8080 and you can view it on localhost:8080 with your browser. So, the raw application works. Now to package it up for Fly.

Is an inconsistency with the new name/location of the sample app, or something else? It reads as if you choose the app name by adding it yourself to fly.toml.