Error: failed to update VM 1234: We require your billing information, please add it

The command fly deploy returns this error now.
The command fly deploy was not returning this error in the past.

More context:
There are similar questions on this forum, asking about the exact same error. The replies in those threads did not help.

I am using a personal hobby plan, 256 MB RAM, etc - the supposedly free one.

Different combinations of these things did not work: From recreating the tokens, trying both with/without --remote-only to destroying the app and creating a new app, running the cli in the terminal to deploying from a GitHub Action.

The code is here and last successful deploy from the GitHub Actions was five months ago.

Hi @dc0d, if you’re on the Legacy Hobby plan then you’re right that the plan is free, and it comes with some free allowances.

However, were you to exceed those free allowances (and your invoice total was >=$5), we’d need a way to bill you for your usage. That is why we’re asking for billing information.

If you don’t exceed the free allowances or accrue an amount due of >=$5, you won’t be billed at all. You can always email if you think you’ve been billed in error.

Thanks for your reply.

That does not seem to be the case. The amount due is $0.00.

Sorry, I wasn’t totally clear. We’re not asking you for billing information because you have an amount due. We’re asking for it in case you have an amount due at the end of the month.

If we only ask once usage has been accrued, we’d be at risk of abuse - abusers would rack up a bill and then simply not enter payment details.