'Error An unknown error occured.' when trying to deploy multi process app scaled out

Update: Fixed the error by scaling the app down to 1.

I’ve previously deployed an app that didn’t have a worker.

Now I’m adding a working and flyctl keeps giving me “Error An unknown error occured.” when trying to deploy it.

I’ve added the [processes] block that looks like this:

app = "path to app binary in docker container"
worker = "path to worker binary in docker container"

I also removed the processes = [] line from my fly.toml file. If I comment out the worker line, it’ll deploy just fine. The second I add the worker line, it gives me that error. It’ll also give me the error if I use any other name for the app process other than app.

I can’t seem to get any other information about what the problem is, so I don’t even know how to debug this.

Hey there - did/do you have autoscaling enabled on this app?