Many CLI operations fail with "Error An unknown error occured."

When attempting to do important operations using the command line, many of them fail with an ambiguous error message.

$ flyctl version
flyctl v0.0.301 linux/amd64 Commit: 632a44b BuildDate: 2022-02-25T14:52:44Z

$ flyctl doctor
TEST          	STATUS 
Agent         	PASS  	
Docker (local)	PASS  	
Probe (app)   	PASS  	
Token         	PASS  	
Unix socket   	PASS  	

$ flyctl status
Error failed retrieving backup regions for <app name>: An unknown error occured.

$ flyctl deploy
==> Verifying app config
--> Verified app config
==> Building image
image size: 18 MB
==> Creating release
Error An unknown error occured.

$ flyctl scale count 0
Error An unknown error occured.

$ flyctl scale count 1
Error An unknown error occured.

Additionally, appending the --verbose flag to the command line seems to have no effect on producing a more meaningful error message. For what it’s worth, the application itself seems to be working fine, but I am unable to change anything or deploy new versions.

How can I troubleshoot this further?

Hey @t-richards,

I just debugged something similar on our end. By any chance are any of your app(s) in the ATL region? We were also getting the same error during the “Creating Release” step in a deployment. To get out of this we had to:

$ fly regions remove atl

You may have to add other regions after this step depending on your config, but ultimately that unblocked us. Seems like there may have been an issue after the migration last Friday.

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This app was in the ATL region, yes.

I had to attempt the removal of the ATL region a couple times before it took, but this seems to have done the trick.

$ fly regions remove atl
Error App must have at least one region

# Edit: in hindsight, this command may have also helped,
# even though it errored out.
$ fly regions add mia
Error An unknown error occured.

$ fly regions remove atl
Region Pool: 
Backup Region: 


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Oof, that’s definitely a bug on our end, sorry about that. You shouldn’t be getting errors because of a non existent region. Please let us know if something like that comes up again.