Doubt Regarding the Pricing model

I was seeing the pricing page and noticed that you guys offer 3 VMs on free tier and 3gb of persistent storage
One thing that confuses me is that is it per app or applies for the whole account?
For example i can get 3gb persistent storage per app or each app deployed to three regions in 3 different VMs ?

It’s the total per account, from my experience.

So … let’s say you run 4 apps (and give each 1 vm) 24/7, for a whole month, you would get 3 of those vms for free (as the free tier includes 3). Leaving 1 vm which would still need to be paid for.

Similarly for storage. Let’s say you allocate 4GB of volumes 24/7 for a whole month (let’s say 4 x 1GB volumes). 3GB of that would be free. 1GB would not. So at the end of the month you’d need to pay for the 1GB of storage that exceeded the free tier’s allowance.

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Free tier is per organization, not per account.

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