App and Disk Pricing

How much of max disk space can I create and still be under free-tier?


And, if I delete an app with a mounted persistent disk, will the disk also be deleted along with the app?

Persistent volumes don’t include a free tier. They are expensive for us to operate.

If you delete an app entirely, the associated volumes will be removed. If you scale an app to 0, the volumes will stick around for next time you scale up.

Are persistent volumes already getting billed? I don’t see anything related to that in the “Manage billing”.

Not quite! They will be starting (probably) next week.

Just wanted to confirm, does this mean that disk is not billed from the $10 every account is credited every month?

Ah! Your account does have that credit (new accounts don’t, since we switched to a free tier system). It’ll cover disk charges, yes.